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Are you ready?


You ready?

If you’re a teacher, you know that question: Are you ready? Beginning toward the end of July, no matter where you are or what individual has engaged you in conversation, the question will surface.

“Well, are you ready?”

Sometimes, I think this question has more to do with a parent asking if I’m standing at the line in a relay race ready to take the baton (their child) because the parent has run that race all summer. If that’s the case, I could honestly answer, “Yes!” If someone told me on a Sunday that school started a month early, and I had no choice but to be there that next day, a Monday, I would be ready. Ready to start the conversations that bubble up in ELA; ready to share my favorite book of the summer with them; ready to read my latest writing project to them and receive their feedback. I would be ready to listen to their stories of summer; ready to hear about their first jobs, their first loves, their first break-ups; ready to hear about the interesting ways they are finding to write (a blog, song lyrics, letters to an absent parent).

“Yes, I’m that kind of ready.”

But, if that question means is my classroom ready? I have to answer, “No, but it will be at midnight on Sunday.” I’m still setting up my “getting to know the classroom” centers for the first day. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to collect papers. I’m still making sure that my lesson plans align to the TEKS and the students and the world they live in. I’m still reading other master teachers’ blog posts like

Tricia Ebervia’s post How I Made Time for Reading…

and Amy Rasmussen’s recent post on Three Teachers Talk on doing Workshop in 45 Minutes .

After thirty years of teaching, you would think that I would be able to rest on my laurels and be ready for Monday morning, trouble- and worry-free, but I think it’s part of my process. Part of what makes me the teacher I am today.

Yes, to answer your question… I will be ready. I always am.